October 27, 2021

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Kimberley Walsh shows postpartum body week after giving birth in cute baby snap

Kimberley Walsh has shared an intimate photograph with her baby son Nate displaying her post-partum stomach just a week after giving birth.

The mum-of-three posted the photo where she was seen in black underwear while holding her tot close to her chest.

Make-up free and glowing, the proud mama is standing in her dressing room and kissing her little boy’s head.

Little Nate is completely oblivious and snoozing in Kimberley’s arms.

“Just found this on my phone… a week after giving birth and trying to imagine this little man inside,” the Girls Aloud star wrote. “It’s still completely mind-blowing to me even third time round.”

Kimberley shared the intimate photograph of her and her son just a week after his birth

She joked: “I realise no one is interested in this post because ‘It’s coming home.’”

Fans and pals did care though – and showered her amazing pic with love.

Amanda Holden, Denise Van Outen, Ola Jordan and Binky Felstead were among the stars sending her heart emojis to celebrate the beautiful pic.

Nate was born at the end of May, and is Kimberley’s third son alongside Bobby, six, and four-year-old Cole.

Kimberley is now the proud mum to three sons

Nate joins Bobby, six, and four-year-old Cole.

Her husband, Justin Scott, has a daughter, Chloe, from a previous relationship.

All three of the kids have welcomed their new baby brother, with Kimberley sharing pictures of the boys wearing matching outfits with little Nate, and Chloe sitting proudly with her baby brother.

Girls Aloud bandmate Cheryl also paid the family a visit , sharing pictures of her cuddled up to the older children ahead of her 38th birthday.

Although she described the birth as ‘perfect’, Kimberley told OK! Magazine there was some trouble at the start when doctors found antibodies in her blood that were ‘unusual’ so late in a pregnancy.

As a safety precaution, Kimberley was induced 10 days early to prevent anaemia in the baby, which could have resulted in Nate needing a blood transfusion.

But thankfully the baby arrived safely, and the mum said: “Me and Justin said to each other yesterday that two just didn’t seem enough for some reason, but now we feel complete.”

She added that Nate’s name was inspired in part by her love of band Boyz II Men and the lead character of TV thriller How To Get Away With Murder.

Kimberley Walsh/Instagram
Kimberley says her family now feel complete by the arrival of baby Nate

Ahead of the birth, Kimberley announced that this will be her final child when speaking on James Martin’s Saturday Morning.

The Sound of the Underground singer said she doesn’t plan on having any more children because “three is the magic number”.

She joked that she is becoming “outnumbered” by boys in her life and explained to the host that she made the decision not to have any children until after Girls Aloud had split.