October 20, 2021

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How Hollywood will try to remember the pandemic

Robert Isenberg is a author and filmmaker primarily based in Providence.

For the previous yr, I have been fantasizing about a made-for-Television set motion picture. This film does not exist however. But in my head, the film is referred to as “Pandemic: 2020,” for the little ones who really don’t don’t forget when COVID-19 took put.

I do not want to see this film up coming 12 months, or in 10 several years, but a long time in the upcoming, when I’m really old. When I observe it, I system to shake my head in dismay.

For the reason that every thing will be wrong. The costumes will be completely wrong. The dialogue will sound erroneous. The gatherings will unfold in the wrong order. The Chinese people in Wuhan will speak Korean. In the United States, folks will contact just about every other on clamshell telephones. They’ll use slang that no 1 at the moment works by using. President Trump will be played by a beefy 25-yr-previous in a wig. Dr. Fauci will be recast as a lady. The full Black Life Make any difference movement will be condensed into a two-moment subplot.