October 26, 2021

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“Bullying and Onslow County universities, Portion 2”: Mom and dad reply

In May possibly, The Each day Information obtained multiple reports from mothers and fathers anxious about incidents about alleged bullying in both of those community and personal educational facilities. 

Because of this, The Everyday News began to look into these statements in a 5-section sequence called “Bullying and Onslow County educational institutions.”

In Portion 1, we offered mom and dad with a transient nine-question study, pinpointing the accusations to what kind of bullying was happening, how very long it lasted, and the place was it going on the most. 

Amongst other issues answered, the results proved evenly dispersed throughout elementary, middle, and high university services, both of those non-public and general public. Having said that, 1 place stood out as getting the most alleged incidents of bullying in the survey,

What is bullying?

Definition-(noun)- abuse and mistreatment of someone susceptible by another person much better, much more highly effective, and so forth.: the steps and conduct of a bully, according to Merriam-Webster. 

Of the 188 individuals in The Every day Information study, 97% said their little ones have experienced some form of alleged bullying. 

The Daily News conducted a bullying survey for the parents of Onslow County.

57% defined their child’s promises as verbal bullying, with the second primary option being physical (28%). In a time the place engineering reigns supreme with the more youthful generation, only a few dad and mom claimed cyberbullying as the platform of their child’s incident (2%). 

Jacksonville Commons Elementary and Middle University, Carolina Forest Elementary College, and Northside Higher College totaled 16 alleged incidents of bullying in the survey. The 4 educational facilities are grouped jointly as Northside’s feeder district and is one of the smallest districts in the county in conditions of the quantity of educational institutions.