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50 Teyana Taylor Quotes About Existence & New music (2021)

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Teyana Taylor is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and rap artist.

She acquired Video Director of the 12 months at the Bet Awards and the Guess Hip Hop Awards. She has created data for superior-profile artists, which include Usher, Chris Brown, and Omarion.

Some of the motion pictures in which Taylor has been featured are ‘Stomp the Property: Homecoming,’ ‘Madea’s Big Content Relatives,’ and ‘Coming 2 America’.

In addition to her successes, she collaborated with Adidas to design their Harlem GLC edition sneakers.

Here’s our assortment of the finest Teyana Taylor prices:


50 Teyana Taylor Quotations About Existence & New music

1. “I’m really selective about who I opt for to be on my information.” – Teyana Taylor

2. “When I do appearances and stuff and I just wanna see the new images, I Google myself.” – Teyana Taylor

3. “I went from a woman to a girl, to a mother, to a spouse.” – Teyana Taylor

4. “Studio B is about bad bitch conduct. Do not perform with me. I’m a lousy bitch and I ain’t acquired time for the video games. My patience is true short.” – Teyana Taylor

5. “As significantly as Hillary goes, I like it! She’s the 1st woman! If she did develop into president, I feel that’s definitely excellent, you know, the actuality that she can stand up and say “I wanna run for president.” A ton of men and women never have the heart to do that.” – Teyana Taylor

6. “Harlem is a phase. It is like its very own world, from the way we dress to the swag in the way we walk and speak.” – Teyana Taylor

7. “Racism is a little something that is taught. That is not everything that any person is born with. You have to be taught that, the same way that there are a lot of negative cops but there are also a great deal of great cops. We’re all old ample to comprehend excellent from negative and like from hate.” – Teyana Taylor

8. “I am actually large into songwriting.” – Teyana Taylor

9. “I stick to my heart.” – Teyana Taylor


10th of 50 Teyana Taylor Quotations

10. “I’m a MySpace man or woman.” – Teyana Taylor


11. “I generally preferred to be an artist that genuinely felt what I was singing, which is the motive why I do the job off of emotion. If it’s not one thing I’m heading by way of at the time, then it has to be something that I went by just before.” – Teyana Taylor

12. “Sometimes you could have a beat and you listen to a man or woman on it ahead of you have even started writing it. That’s just how I perform.” – Teyana Taylor

13. “I wished to capture virtually each individual one emotion. I required to investigate and have enjoyable with the subjects. I did not want men and women to come to feel like, ‘Oh, she’s fortunately married so she can’t relate.’ At the close of the working day, I’m however a female very first, and there’s no feminine in this globe that has not been by way of each single emotion.” – Teyana Taylor

14. “It’s ridiculous how God performs. It is psychological of class, and you get the feels, but it is nothing at all like sensation your emotions, [hearing] that phone phone, and then listening to her opening up the music singing. It is these types of a dope blend.” – Teyana Taylor

15. “I often want to work with persons that I can grow with.” – Teyana Taylor

16. “I am the princess of G.O.O.D. Songs, the initially lady of G.O.O.D. Songs, the toddler of G.O.O.D. Music. I’m kinda the spoiled brat correct now. I could get whatever I want.” – Teyana Taylor

17. “I understood that I began to see the achievement that I worked for when I began to belief myself prior to I reliable other people” – Teyana Taylor

18. “There’s not a person established point you master. You study as you go.” – Teyana Taylor

19. “I have a right to voice my belief, but you know – when you cannot seriously make options, it definitely do not issue.” – Teyana Taylor


20th of 50 Teyana Taylor Estimates

20. “I have a purity ring.” – Teyana Taylor


21. “Studio U is when you are in a space of unconditionally battling for appreciate at any cost. That is a studio room we’ve all been via in advance of.” – Teyana Taylor

22. “I have a ton of Jordans, a lot of Nikes, a whole lot of Blazers.” – Teyana Taylor

23. “Sometimes, when you are not in the happiest romantic relationship, you ignore who you are. So which is the place Studio B hits.” – Teyana Taylor

24. “In marriage, you gotta have friendship since if you really do not, even if matters may possibly feel excellent in the starting, moments like this when you are married and you have a child, you have to continue to be in a position to have that spunk, that sass, that enjoyment, and that friendship. Simply because yeah, jumping into some thing so speedily can pretty a great deal switch bitter really incredibly speedy.” – Teyana Taylor

25. “I love Interscope, I really like Star Trak.” – Teyana Taylor

26. “Any person that I’ve at any time required to be on my data is perfect—I just heard them on there. Pretty much like how you can close your eyes, pay attention to a track, and you can damn around see your long run. That is how I do the job.” – Teyana Taylor

27. “You gotta keep in mind who you are.” – Teyana Taylor

28. “I go by how the music helps make me truly feel.” – Teyana Taylor

29. “The most critical matter about marriage and motherhood is doing work on being a better you each and every single working day you wake up.” – Teyana Taylor


30th of 50 Teyana Taylor Offers

30. “Studio L is about sturdy sexual needs. The transferring thoughts that ladies go by means of.” – Teyana Taylor


31. “My spouse [Iman Shumpert] performs a big section in the inspiration with the hello-top [haircut] and Grace Jones, but it was far more so digging into the roots, our African roots. That was most significant. That’s why I had the clay dreads and stuff. I needed the core of it to be about strong black women.” – Teyana Taylor

32. “Working on remaining a much better mom and wife pretty single working day. Being a spouse and a mother has taught me remarkable growth within myself. Trusting.” – Teyana Taylor

33. “Teyana Taylor is G.O.O.D. music’s ‘Spoiled Brat’ by Nadeska Alexis, www.mtv.com. April 16, 2012.” – Teyana Taylor

34. “I’m even now finding out each individual one working day.” – Teyana Taylor

35. “To truly be a element of a model that you glimpse up to, and a famous one at that is super dope.” – Teyana Taylor

36. “I’m ghetto chic, I’m the place the hood and higher manner meet” – Teyana Taylor

37. “Studio M variety of breaks down a very little bit of every single home. It’s a mood for unconditionally battling for adore in a environment exactly where a terrible bitch lives and lusts. I grabbed a little from just about every chapter and concluded it with Studio M.” – Teyana Taylor

38. “I required persons to be capable to pay attention to it in sections: Studio A is assembling the parts of love. That is family, unity of really like.” – Teyana Taylor

39. “I have my individual publishing organization called I Am McLovin Publishing.” – Teyana Taylor


40th of 50 Teyana Taylor Prices

40. “I’ve obtained to be comfortable when I’m on stage.” – Teyana Taylor


41. “I’m these a tomboy.” – Teyana Taylor

42. “My mom would enjoy all these information, the greatest hits of the 90s, 80s, and 70s.” – Teyana Taylor

43. “Working with Omarion is rather wonderful. That is like my brother. He’s genuinely awesome.” – Teyana Taylor

44. “I’m not seriously a Facebook enthusiast for the reason that I really don’t know how to use it! It is so complicated! You gotta take your good friends one by just one! It is just like as well much heading on. I tried it however.” – Teyana Taylor

45. “Don’t consider advice from single persons. No shade to most people in below that’s solitary, but I say that from 1 stage, being the solitary woman that just understood it all. In the extensive run, I experienced to understand. I had to be ready to give that probability.” – Teyana Taylor

46. “I always chose perform, but in the back of your head, all your pals are out partying and you’re lacking out.” – Teyana Taylor

47. “If I was president, I would certainly stop war, put far more money towards health insurance policy and my neighborhood. Primarily, final but not least, the most important a person -training. I just consider education arrives ahead of everything mainly because in order for you to know about everything, you have to go to faculty, and you have to learn.” – Teyana Taylor

48. “You received to be equipped to appreciate yet again. You received to give everybody a good possibility. Most people justifies a good possibility. I’m chatting about setting up that wall, coming out of a partnership, and feeling like, well, I’m heading to keep again. You turn into your ex. When you obtain a person which is worth letting your wall down, and you sense it in your stomach, just don’t fight it. Just permit it happen.” – Teyana Taylor

49. “I feel that staying in 1 place and not owning everything to do is what stressed every person out. But me currently being quarantined and really just locking in, gave me time. I practically enjoyed operating a lot more than I do on a frequent foundation.” – Teyana Taylor

50. “Dancing is genuinely a way of working out and it can essentially be fun. In dancing, there could be a sure dance transfer that involves you to do a squat. Particular dance moves will involve you to move your main. That is what men and women do not understand.” – Teyana Taylor



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