August 11, 2022

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18 Cutest Baby Girl Halloween Costumes For Every Style & Budget

As an adult, the best part about Halloween is seeing kids dressed up as their favorite characters, animals, and spooky creatures. If you have a new little lady in the family this year, then it’s time to get in on this action and start shopping around to find the best baby girl Halloween costumes for 2021 to choose from. After all, you only get so many Halloweens to dress her up how you’d like before she starts having an opinion.

I have two little girls myself and while my oldest has been picking out her own costume for a few years now, this is going to be the last year I get to choose what my youngest wears (cue my mom-tears). It’s this little parenting milestone that you don’t realize is a big deal until you’re there, so if you have the pleasure of dreaming up and shopping for baby girl Halloween costumes this year, make sure you soak it up because before you know it, you’ll be buying another Disney princess gown for the fourth consecutive year.

Since you probably have your hands full, what with taking care of a baby and all, doing a deep internet dive to find the best baby costume may not actually be an option for you right now. So, to help you out a bit, here are some of the best baby girl Halloween costumes for 2021 to choose from.

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Adorable Cabbage Patch Kids

Dress your baby up as one of your childhood-favorite toys: a Cabbage Patch Kid. These wigs are handmade from 100% acrylic yarn and designed to be comfortable (not itchy) on baby’s head. They’re available in a range of sizes from newborn up to 24 months and you can choose from eight different hair colors, including red, blonde, brown, black, and a variety of shades in between. Additionally, the hats include little hair ribbons to recreate the original look and are available in several color options. Once you have the wig, just put your little one in a pair of overalls and you have yourself a very cute baby girl Halloween costume for 2021.


Bright & Colorful Unicorn

Instead of an entire costume, this set simply comes with a rainbow-colored tutu and a headband. Worn with a long-sleeve onesie and pants in any shade, these pieces all come together to create one very cute unicorn. The skirt is made from tulle and has an elastic waistband so that it can fit a variety of baby bellies and the headband, which features a sparkly horn, two ears, and some fuzzy hair, has an elastic band with a velcro closure to help keep it in place. The set is one size fits all for babies between six and 24 months.


A Snuggly Lamb

If this little lamb costume is half as snuggly as it looks, then your baby will be warm and happy on Halloween night. You get four separate pieces with this costume: the dress, the hood with the lamb ears, the pink tights, and the matching pink booties. Unfortunately, the costume is not safe for the washer and dryer, but it seems to be worth the gamble, based on reviews. User Roxy left a glowing review for the costume, saying, “I’m usually hesitant about ordering costumes online because they are never the same quality as they appear in the picture. But this costume is ADORABLE and definitely worth the price.”


A Magical Minnie Mouse

If your baby girl isn’t already a fan of Miss Minnie Mouse, then this polka-dot dress with a Minnie broach may be what does the trick. In addition to the famous dots, the pattern on the skirt of the dress also features bows (that look just like Minnie’s) and little hearts. The dress has a velcro closure on the back and the front features a collar with gold trim, a gold bodice, and a gold ribbon and bow at the waist. Unfortunately, the costume doesn’t include the Minnie Mouse ears, which is great if your baby is constantly trying to pull off headbands, if you really want the ears, though, you can buy them separately.


A Cozy Teddy Bear

Sometimes big baby Halloween costumes can be overwhelming and you end up with a very cranky baby on your hands during trick-or-treating. Instead of risking this fate, go with something simple like this handmade teddy bear beanie and a cute dress or romper to go with it. This hat is available in either brown, black and white (like a panda), or grey, is crocheted with worsted yarns, and safe for the washer and dryer so the little one can continue to wear throughout the winter. It’s available in baby sizes NB through 12M as well as toddler, youth, and teen sizes, so if you have older kids as well you can even get matching sets.


A Tiny Baseball Player

You don’t even have to be a fan of A League of Their Own to appreciate this amazing three-piece Dottie costume (but if you are a fan, that makes this all the better). Your little one will get her very own dress, red hat, and booties with this costume set that is full of small, meaningful details. The dress features a red belt, a patch that says “A League of Their Own”, three diagonal buttons across the front, and a cute little collar. Add a pair of red leggings and this costume will be a total home run (sorry, I couldn’t resist).


A Very Cute Starbucks Cup

Well if this isn’t the cutest Starbucks order you’ve ever seen, I don’t know what is. This baby girl Halloween costume comes with a onesie designed to look like a Starbucks coffee cup, a “sleeve” that ties around the waist, and a hat with a green “straw” coming out. If your Halloween nights tend to be a little colder, you can opt to upgrade to a long-sleeve onesie and even add a pair of pants to the order. Each costume is handmade and grown-ups can even join in the fun by getting a Starbucks apron from the same Etsy shop for a whole family look


A Not So Wicked Witch

You get two adorable pieces with this witch costume: a hat and the one-piece dress. The top of the dress is made from stretchy spandex and the tutu skirt is made from layers of tulle, so you may want to have your baby wear some black leggings underneath it to avoid itching. The cute baby-size witch hat has a satin finish as well as an elastic band that goes under the chin to help keep the hat in place (especially important for babies who like to pull at things). While black is good at hiding stains and this set is intentionally made to last for several hand-me-down years, it’s not safe for the washer and dryer so you’ll want to be extra careful.


A Little Ladybug

What’s nice about this costume set is that, with the exception of shoes, it comes with everything you need to make it complete. It comes with three separate pieces including a soft cotton long sleeve shirt, a pair of black and white striped stockings, and the ladybug piece that goes over the top to finish the look. The ladybug portion of the costume is made from super soft and warm microfleece, has a hood that can be pulled up or down, zipper closure on the back, and a pair of adorable iridescent wings that add a little extra whimsy to an already cute baby girl Halloween costume.


A Fancy Baby Princess Costume

Dress your baby up as a little princess with this costume that is a little deceiving. While it looks like a dress, it’s actually an apron that ties on, so it’s easy to get on and off. You have the option of purchasing just the apron or adding on the crown or wand to add a little extra glam. Sizing for this costume starts at 12-18M which may work great for older babies, but if you have your heart set on it and your little girl is on the smaller side, you can always send the shop owner a message to see if she’d be able to make something a little smaller for you. Also, if Belle isn’t your princess of choice, there are a variety of other character options in the Bailey and Ava Etsy shop that you can choose from.


A Comfy Winnie The Pooh

If you live somewhere that’s a little too warm to dress your baby up in a big bulky costume, this two-piece Winnie the Pooh set is a great option. The long sleeve onesie is made from soft jersey knit fabric with the red t-shirt attached to it (giving the illusion of layers). The hat is also made from cotton jersey knit fabric, so it won’t be itchy on baby’s head. Since Winnie is known to walk around pantsless, this costume is technically complete, and the snap closure will make for quick and easy diaper changes. But, a pair of red leggings will also look very cute with this getup.


A Beautiful Butterfly

There is a lot to love about this butterfly costume (the amazing price among them). It’s full of little details from the wings, to the sparkly purple fabric, shiny belly, and the little glittery balls on top of the antennae. The costume is one piece, so it slides right over the baby’s head, making diaper changes super easy, and the hood can either be pulled up or down, depending on how the baby is handling it. All of the fabric is lightweight and soft to the touch so that your baby doesn’t overheat while wearing it, but it does need to be spot cleaned, so be careful with spit-up.


The Cutest Rosie The Riveter

It’s never too early to teach your baby girl that “yes, she can,” and this two-piece costume is the perfect way to do it. It includes a denim jumpsuit by BabyGap that has a red and white “Rosie” name tag sewn onto as well as a red and white polka-dot headband to complete the iconic look. Since the jumpsuit comes pre-made from Gap, there aren’t a lot of custom options with this costume, but you can always send a message to the seller if you have questions or need some help figuring out the right size to get for your baby girl.


A Pretty Pink Flamingo

Have you ever seen a flamingo this cute? This one-piece costume is fully lined and made with super-soft velour material to keep babies warm and cozy throughout trick-or-treating. It’s also full of details that really make it come to life including a hood, which can be pulled up or down, with a plush beak and fuzzy hair, feathered wings, and a fluffy tail. To get the costume on and off, just use the little snaps on the front near the left shoulder and pull the bodysuit up. Once it’s on, there’s no need to remove it for diaper changes because it also includes snap closure in the diaper area.


A Spooky Skeleton

For a baby girl Halloween costume that is simple and classic, you can’t go wrong with this little skeleton onesie. It’s all one piece and includes a little hood that can be pulled up or down, which is great if you live in an area where Halloween weather is unpredictable. The little bodysuit is made from polyester, so it’s soft and lightweight, but it does need to be spot cleaned because it’s not safe for the washer and dryer. Finally, even though this costume doesn’t come with shoes or socks included, thanks to the black and white design it will be very easy for you to find something that matches to cover up those little toes.


A Charming Baby Yoda

You only get so many years before your child has an opinion on what they wear for Halloween, so you should take advantage of this time and dress your baby girl up as Baby Yoda this year. This two-piece costume consists of a onesie and a hat, which is perfect for warm climates or a Halloween party at daycare. Both pieces are made from lightweight, soft jersey-knit cotton and the onesie also features fuzzy fleece around the sleeves and collar. If you need a pair of shoes to finish off the look, you can purchase some very cute Baby Yoda booties separately.


A Precious Narwhal

While narwhals may not be quite as popular as unicorns are right now (which is a shame, if you ask me), this three-piece baby girl Halloween costume can hold its own up against any unicorn getup. It comes with a 100% cotton long sleeve shirt, a pair of white stockings, and a microfleece narwhal costume to go over the top of them. The narwhal has two little leg holes and zips up the front to create a cute bubble look and it features a hood with a horn and a happy face that can be pulled up or down, a dotted white belly, and (best of all) a little fish tail on the back to make it that much more adorable.


A Sleepy Subway Sandwich

This is one Subway sandwich that is certainly way too cute to eat. Since the teeniest of babies need to be swaddled, this two-piece set is perfect because instead of a bulky costume it comes with a warm hat and a blanket that’s great for swaddling (or, wrapping your little foot-long). The blanket is made from 100% cotton and the hat is super soft and features felt vegetables for a little extra fun. Based on reviews, this set is a huge hit among shoppers, too. One person wrote, “This little swaddle costume is adorable. I put my 3 month old in it for pictures and it was hysterical. He actually fell asleep wearing it!”